Cabo Guest House is a beautiful family operated guest house located on the Finisterra Golf Course in San Jose del Cabo. For us, sharing our home and meeting new people is more like having an extended family. We have a passion for the sun and water and a love of Mexico that we share with our children and friends.

Originally we focused on property management and then real estate, but have branched off in the last decade. We take up to four groups and operate 365 days a year.  When you come to Cabo to stay with us, you are welcome in our home which is a great way to enrich our family and we get to meet people from all over, share our love of Mexico, and treat them to a lovely place to stay.

What People are Saying ...

"We had a fantastic time. The sun is bright and beautiful, the beaches roll on for miles and the Mexican people are just wonderful. Kay and Robin have lived here for a long time and know all the best places to eat and who to talk to. We'll certainly be booking another vacation soon." - Debbie M.

"I have spent every winter with Kay and Robin for the past 5 years.  They are more than the owners of Cabo Guest House, they are like family.  They welcome me back with open arms and I look forward to each visit." - Victor

Kay & Robin